Avoid Wilted Plants With Proper Bed Maintenance

Enjoy healthy, thriving plants and flowers

Healthy plants and flowers can brighten just about anyone's day. They also boost your property's curb appeal and create an overall tranquil atmosphere. When your flower and plant beds aren't maintained, they'll end up wilting and dying.

If you enjoy a lively yard complete with colorful plant life, you'll want to hire Lawns-R-Us Inc for flower bed maintenance and mulching services. Call now to learn more about our work today.

Prevent weed growth with mulching

Prevent weed growth with mulching

When you call Lawns-R-Us Inc for lawn care maintenance, you can take advantage of all our flower bed maintenance and mulching services, including:

  • Weed control
  • Flower bed edging
  • Mulch spreading
  • Soil tilling
  • Flower and plant care
Mulching is necessary to prevent weeds, and it will also give your soil essential nutrients to promote healthy growth. Mulching done incorrectly can lead to diseased plants and rotting roots, so it's best to leave the dirty work to a professional landscaping company.

Schedule mulching services today to prevent unsightly weed growth.